themoonbar ([personal profile] themoonbar) wrote2015-02-01 02:42 pm

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So, I hadn't been able to write more than a word here or there since arriving in Paris. I think it's a combination of not having as comfortable a space to work in (I miss you little sunny writing nook in Manhattan) and general fatigue. I've been trying to travel on some of my free weekends (next up is a slightly longer trip to Morocco and Spain, for which I am excited) and just, everything is a little bit harder and a little bit more draining in new places. Trying to figure out what cold medication I needed last week made me more tired than the cold itself. (also, what kind of country doesn't sell kleenex in a pharmacy. Bewildering).

Anyway, I forced myself to sit down and write yesterday, mostly just to prove that I could and this funny little 100 thing popped out. This fandom honestly brings out some of my weirdest instincts.

Favor Fire. Clarke/Lexa. Because I never met a bandwagon I didn't want to jump on.